What Would St. Thomas More Do, Gov. Cuomo?

July 1, 2011

I could’t agree more with Thomas Peters on Maureen’s latest column. Especially:

“I have a portrait of Saint Thomas More in my office,” the governor said, calling from the statehouse in Albany. It is a picture Mario Cuomo once kept in his office. He gave it to Andrew as a present when he graduated from Albany Law School, and the younger Cuomo has kept it with him for 30 years as he moved from job to job and city to city. “It’s not the first time there is a tension between the teachings of the church and the administration of the law, for my father and for myself.” Dryly, he adds: “I haven’t lost my head yet.”

… maybe that’s a bad thing. I mean, does Cuomo have the faintest idea about what St. Thomas More’s life (and martyrdom) was all about? If he knows the story, does he see himself in Thomas More’s shoes, or King Henry’s (or Will Roper’s? or Richard Rich’s? or Thomas Cromwell’s?). Does he believe he will die the King’s good servant, but God’s first?

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